In the last week I have noticed that I am learning more, I can focus easily, I remember what I am reading, I am balancing better, I can listen carefully, and my printing is neater.

Will Persons Parks, 8 years old, at the end of one-week program.

To whom it may concern:

It is my privilege to write this letter of thanks and praise for Desmond Smith who coached our son, Will, through a week of learning with the Davis program. Will is eight years old and was a bit uncertain about this “school” until he met Des for a few minutes prior to the beginning of their week together. He was instantly drawn to “Mr. Des” and was excited to begin his week. He maintained his eagerness through the entire week of “fun school,” as he came to call it.

Will has ADHD and some dyslexic tendencies as well. So, several of the Davis program strategies have shown immediate benefits for Will. His tool bag items have helped him slow down and focus on tasks more attentively. I have caught him several times doing releases that we did not have to prompt. Talking about his “dial” gives him an image to use to reflect on his own energy level and which level is best suited to the task at hand. His “hands” are pretty active, so it’s good for him to have an image to think about the direction of his mind’s focus.

Even after two weeks, there have been marked improvements in Will’s printing, reading retention, and confidence. Picture at punctuation is simply awesome for Will. In fact, Will was so proud of how well he has been reading that he has taken his clay and dictionary to school each day since to show to his teachers in both French and English (Will is in a French Immersion school). He even modeled a couple of words in clay for them so they could see how it’s done! His teachers are very excited about Will’s
increased enthusiasm for learning. The most amazing part of Will’s transformation is his firm belief that he has a gift that not everyone has. These tools and processes have turned around Will’s self-image from failure to gift. That shift alone is worth a mint.

All of this is owed to Des. His kind, fun manner has been both inviting and caring. Will views Des as both a teacher and a friend. Des made clear that he not only cared about imparting the information contained in the Davis methods; he also cared about the formation of a relationship with Will that can extend beyond this initial week. 

He showed interest in what Will was interested in. He trusted Will to help guide the process, the setting of goals, and the practice of these methods in our daily family life. Des’ quiet, calm, and trusting demeanor has been the door through which our son has been able to confidently embark on a new journey of learning and self-understanding.

We are thankful for “Mr. Des” and look forward to more learning opportunities with him in the future.

With gratitude,                          

Rev. Stephen Persons Parkes

Father of 8-year-old Will Persons Parks two weeks after Will completed his Davis program.

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