Beth Shier

Beth Shier


Licensed Davis Dyslexia Program Facilitator
Licensed Davis Autism Approach Facilitator/Coach

Beth Shier has always been in a helping profession. As a Davis Autism Approach Facilitator, she found her true passion. As Director of NOIT Research, she is able to assist an even larger population of individuals with autism and help them to participate more fully in life.

Beth Shier has been working with people with LD’s since she was a swimming instructor in her teens and has always been in a helping profession. She left her past career as Manager of an International Pediatric Pain Research Lab to raise her children – currently a 15-year-old Dyslexic and an 11-year-old Aspie.

Beth became a Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator in 2009 after her oldest daughter did a Davis Program with astounding results. Once licensed, Beth found herself surrounded with clients who needed more; so she became a Davis Autism Approach Facilitator and found her true passion.

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